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Posted On: 22-04-2013
Awi and Kora Appear on TV
Awi and Kora made a background appearance on the ITV1 programme 'British Animal Honours' on Thursday 18th April at 8pm. Read more...
Posted On: 24-11-2012
New White Hearse
We have just taken delivery of our new white hearse. Read more...
Posted On: 24-11-2012
Addington 17 November 2012
Funeral Horses compete in indoor driving trial at Addinton. Read more...
Posted On: 17-09-2012
Snooker Retiring
Karen has decided that the time has now come for Snooker to retire from carriage driving ,as he can no longer take the hours of training that are required for top level competition. Read more...
Posted On: 01-09-2012
Horse Drawn Funeral Driven Unicorn
Karen provided a horse drawn hearse for a high profile funeral in Birmingham driving 3 grey horses. Read more...
Posted On: 03-08-2012
Horse Drawn Weddings
Karen will shortly be acquiring a horse drawn wedding carriage. Read more...
Posted On: 03-08-2012
Blackie Recovering
Blackie is making a good recovery following his recent operation. Read more...
Posted On: 22-06-2012
Funeral of Six Children in Derby
Six horse drawn hearses were used for the funerals of the children killed in a house fire. Read more...
Posted On: 18-04-2012
Rex Repossesses His Stable
Rex has moved back into his stable.
Posted On: 18-04-2012
21-22 April Catton Club Horse Driving Trial
Karen will be taking the pony team to compete in the Midlands Driving Trials Club event at Catton. She is also going to take her young horse team H/C for the experience. Read more...
Posted On: 31-03-2012
Staff Retirement
Diri and Delphi retire.
Posted On: 25-03-2012
Rex Made Homeless
Stray cat takes over his stable,
Posted On: 22-02-2012
New Web Page
Karen's Horses
Posted On: 22-02-2012
On-line Funeral Booking Form
Confirm your booking on-line.
Posted On: 29-01-2012
Website Changes
New forms and Pages
Posted On: 16-01-2012
BARLEYFIELD DRESSAGE 15 JANUARY 2012 Karen took Wilaan, Rex and Blackie to Barleyfield, where they had another successful day. Read more...
Posted On: 05-10-2011
Karen took the horse team to the BDS Show as part of a demonstration. Read more...
Posted On: 12-09-2011
National Championships at Windsor
Karen wins Pony Four-in-Hand Championship.
Posted On: 10-09-2011
National Championships at Windsor
Karen will be driving Ray's pony team at the National Championships at Windsor. See Competition page for results. Read more...
Posted On: 25-08-2011
Sin-in-Hand Horse Drawn Funeral
Karen did a six-in-hand horse drawn funeral in St Helens for a traveller. Read more...
Posted On: 06-08-2011
Bakewell Show 2011
On Television.
Posted On: 06-08-2011
Bakewell Show 2011
First Ever Horse Drawn Hearse Class.
Posted On: 20-07-2011
What a Day!
Karen has three horse drawn funerals in one day. Read more...
Posted On: 06-07-2011
Catton Horse Driving Trials
Karen will be going to Catton Horse Driving Trials on Thursday. Read more...
Posted On: 27-06-2011
Sandringham Horse Driving Trials
Karen finished 2nd overall with the pony team.
Posted On: 30-05-2011
Bakewell Show 4th August
New Horse Drawn Hearse Class
Posted On: 30-05-2011
Hopetoun Driving Trials
Karen finished second.
Posted On: 26-05-2011
Hopetoun Driving Trials
Karen is off to Hopetoun Horse Driving Trials this weekend. Read more...
Posted On: 24-04-2011
Karen to Drive Pony Team in 2011
As Karen has not managed to put together a horse team for 2011, she will now be driving a pony team. Read more...
Posted On: 07-04-2011
Funeral Horses
Funeral Horses sometimes have a day out doing something different. Read more...
Posted On: 18-02-2011
Carriage Driving in the UK
It must be admitted that carriage driving is not one of the nation’s most popular sports and even if someone decides that they would like to participate in carriage driving, it can prove extremely difficult to know where to start and they are left asking several questions. Read more...
Posted On: 14-02-2011
Horse Drawn Carriage
See our latest YouTube presentation video
Posted On: 11-02-2011
Carriage Driving
Nowadays carriage driving is something which people do as a sport, for leisure or for use in carriage hire companies. Horse drawn carriages are seen as something romantic and traditional. Read more...
Posted On: 04-02-2011
The Horse Drawn Funeral
Horse drawn funerals in Britain are generally quite traditional. People may choose to hire a horse drawn hearse as a mark of their appreciation and respect of the deceased. Read more...
Posted On: 28-01-2011
Horse Drawn Hearse
When a family member or close friend passes away, it is a difficult enough time for everyone who was close to them, without also having to fret about funeral costs. Read more...
After only a few dressage lessons, the quality of my horse’s work in all three phases has improved tremendously...
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